According to Simon Sinek “millennials are tough to manage and accused of being entitled”, among many other traits her mentioned in his interview with Tom Bilyeu on Inside Quest, a YouTube series hosted by Bilyeu.

Sinek might be a bit harsh on the Millennials but I have to say there is some truth to it but that’s not only it. Millennials are a generation of children (myself included) born between the years 1982 and approximately 2002 (Howe & Strauss, 2000, p. 41) But with the millennial generation so did come the Gig-Economy, according to the BBC this is a “a labour market characterised by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work, as opposed to permanent jobs”. That seems Attaractive (I think) and scary at the same time, but with this new economy came many tools to facilitate and make it happen. Today there are many of us working online on freelance basis, platforms such as Fiverr, Freelancer, 99Design, upwork and Peopleperhour made it possible. The thing is n’t that you put your profile online and gigs or job offers will come to you, you really have to continually keep promoting your skills and developing them as well, platforms like Linkedin, where you are currently reading this article made it also possible for many to showcase their skills and experience and connect with other professionals as well.

There is so much flexibility in this new economy work culture but with it comes great responsibility to make it work, dedication and ability to manage your time wisely are vital, sometimes I feel surprised with this great amount of speakers who teach stuff like; how to stay in focus, career advice and what is your purpose, Bilyeu and Sinek are one of them, but then I think, this is all came in one package, there is the job marketplace platforms at one side, on the other hand there are YouTube channels and many blogs that teaches you how to step-up a little and develop your skills sites like Lynda, Coursera and Edx, then come the public speakers and Tedx speeches as a backup to this new economy. All evolved and supports one another.

But I wonder will the old-time way of work, working form 8-5, five days a week will be gone, perhaps it will, but not in the coming 5-7 years I guess, but for sure the Gig-Economy is thriving and it’s there in full power. Better jump-in and join the crowd.